National Standards (SNI)

If an item is declared to meet the technical standard/requirement of an Indonesian National Standard (Standar Nasional Indonesia or SNI), it will be granted an SNI certificate and a SNI label will be placed on the product.

The implementation of SNI is not mandatory, except for products related to the safety, security, society health or environment protection purposes, and/or economic considerations, where the technical institution can impose a part or whole technical specification required by SNI. When a product is required to comply with SNI, any company with the specified product cannot produce or market the product without SNI compliance. If a company has already been declared to meet SNI requirements for a given product, it must continue to produce and market the product in conformity with SNI.


Below is an illustration of the SNI certification process:


Products wherein an SNI label is mandatory include:

  • Toys,  
  • Tyres  
  • Cement  
  • Single Inorganic Fertilizer
  • Bottled Drinking Water
  • Safety Shoes
  • Helmets
  • Various Food Products
  • Safety glass
  • Batteries
  • Bicycles
  • Motor Vehicle Rims
  • Melamine products
  • Low-pressure Regulators for LPG steel tubes
  • Lighting Systems
  • Miniature Circuit Breakers (MCB)
  • Switches
  • Fans
  • Contact Taps and Contact Boxes
  • Electronic Ballasts, and Residual Current Circuit Breakers (RCCB)
  • Steel
  • Audio Video Electronics
  • Ceramics

For detailed list consult: