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Indonesia GDP grows by 5.05% in 2023 News

Indonesia’s recorded a 5.05 percent economic growth in 2023, much slower compared to 2022 but still solid and in line with the Indonesian government’s outlook
Indonesia Launches $2 Bn LRT for Greater Jakarta News

Indonesia officially operates the first Greater Jakarta light rapid transit (LRT) connecting the nation’s capital with several satellite cities after it was inaugurated by President Joko Widodo on
Indonesia Logs Surplus Despite Weakened Trade News

Statistics Indonesia (BPS) reported a US$3.42 billion (Rp 53.7 trillion) trade surplus at the end of September 2023, continuing the country's long-running positive balance in world commerce for
Indonesia Micro Filter PT Business

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Indonesia PLN Begins Producing Green Hydrogen News

Indonesian state-owned business PT PLN, through its subsidiary PLN Nusantara Power, debuted the country's first green hydrogen plant in the Muara Karang Steam Gas Power Plant area of Pluit, Jakarta
Indonesia Posts Positive Growth in Q1 2022 News

Indonesia grew 5.01% in the first quarter of 2022 thanks to a rise in commodity prices and the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions across the archipelago. However, rising inflation and the war ...
Indonesia Q2 GDP records a surprise 5.17% rise News

Indonesia's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in the second quarter of 2023 grew 5.17% compared to the same quarter last year, Indonesia’s Statistics Agency (BPS) reported on Monday, August 7.
Indonesia Records 38 Straight Months of Trade Surpluses News

Indonesia’s Statistics Agency (BPS) recorded a trade surplus of US$3.45 billion (Rp 51.6 trillion) in June 2023, extending Indonesia’s positive balance in international trade that has lasted since
Indonesia Regulates Restriction on Social Media E-commerce News

Indonesia will restrict the sale of goods on social media through the revision of Minister of Trade Regulation 50 of 2020, which regulates the rules of e-commerce in Indonesia. 
Indonesia Revises Rooftop Solar Panel Regulations  News

The Indonesian government has moved forward with the amendment of Energy and Mineral Resources Ministerial Regulation No. 26/2021 on on-grid solar systems and energy distribution and eliminated a key