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Indonesia’s medical device industry continues to expand News

Significant expansions in Indonesia’s medical device and lab equipment industry presents clear growth opportunities for foreign investors.
Indonesia’s new capital construction underway News

The construction of Indonesia’s new capital city Nusantara goes underway as the government actively seeks foreign funds needed to fulfill the city’s ambition of being a quintessential modern
Indonesia’s textile industry requires regeneration, innovation News

The COVID-19 pandemic, followed by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, has had a detrimental impact on Indonesia's already ailing textile industry. The sector was already facing difficulties as it had to
Indonesia’s trade surplus still beats expectations as export and import plunges News

Indonesia posted another trade surplus at the end of April 2023 despite steep drops in both exports and imports amidst declining commodity prices. Indonesia exports in April 2023 dropped
Indotaisei Industrial Estate Business

Kawasan Industri Indotaisei is developed by PT Indotaisei Indah Development (IID), which is a joint Venture company between PT. Besland Pertiwi and Taisei Corporation, Japan. Kawasan Industri Indotais ...
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An introduction to Indonesia's main industrial sectors. Scroll down to find the specific sectors. ...
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Indonesia is one of the largest and most exciting countries in the world, with a fast-growing economy and numerous business prospects.  In this section, you'll find some key statistics a ...
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A key factor of economic growth, Indonesia has, in the past decade, significantly improved the country's infrastructure. Scroll down to find the specific sector overview.  * { bo ...
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  In Indonesia trademarks are protected by the Law on Trademarks (Law Number 19 of 1992). But a complete revision of these laws is already expected. According to law No 15/2001 (trade ...