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Indonesia’s automotive industry still recovering, remains resilient News

Indonesia's automotive industry, a crucial pillar of the nation's economy, is still recovering amidst various economic and political challenges. While the sector has faced hurdles in the past year,
Indonesia’s construction sector remains sturdy News

Mr. Subianto’s likely electoral victory may be regarded as a sign of certainty for the prospects of the country’s construction sector as a whole
Indonesia’s downstreaming policy gives its mining sector significant room for growth News

Read our Mining Insight from the monthy Insights issue. Indonesia’s mining sector has seen its share in GDP contribution growing rapidly in the last five years, from just 7.18% in 2016 to over 12 ...
Indonesia’s economic growth draws ECAs from Germany, Austria, Swiss News

Jointly organized by official Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) Euler-Hermes from Germany, OeKB from Austria, and SERV from Switzerland, the ECAs joined forces for an important step in further promoting t
Indonesia’s economy grows 5.72% in Q3 2022 News

Indonesia posted another positive GDP growth of 5.72% (yoy) in the third quarter of 2022, up from the 5.44% growth rate recorded in the previous quarter, as well as the 5.01% from the first quarter of
Indonesia’s food packaging industry remains resilient News

Despite a slight decline due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the country’s food packaging industry remains resilient and is poised to maintain its positive growth trajectory. 
Indonesia’s industry continues to expand, on track to becoming a global player  News

Following the decline in COVID-19 infection rates, the overall business sentiment in Indonesia's manufacturing sector continues to be positive. September manufacturing PMI has shown a favorable
Indonesia’s medical device industry continues to expand News

Significant expansions in Indonesia’s medical device and lab equipment industry presents clear growth opportunities for foreign investors.
Indonesia’s new capital construction underway News

The construction of Indonesia’s new capital city Nusantara goes underway as the government actively seeks foreign funds needed to fulfill the city’s ambition of being a quintessential modern
Indonesia’s textile industry requires regeneration, innovation News

The COVID-19 pandemic, followed by Russia's invasion of Ukraine, has had a detrimental impact on Indonesia's already ailing textile industry. The sector was already facing difficulties as it had to