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This Week's Headlines (18 - 24 Feb 2023)
This Week's Headlines Series
24 Feb 2023
Incentives for Electric Vehicles Kickstarts in March
The much-anticipated financial incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles are to start in March of this year, as announced after a coordination meeting between the Ministry of Transportation,
23 Feb 2023
This Week’s Headline (11-17 Feb 2023)
This Week’s Headlines Series
17 Feb 2023
Indonesia, EU to accelerate CEPA negotiations
Indonesia and the European Union completed the 13th Round of the Indonesian-EU Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IEU CEPA) IEU CEPA negotiation. It was the first physical meeting for IEU
15 Feb 2023
This Week’s Headline (4 - 10 Feb 2023) 
This Week's Headlines Series
10 Feb 2023