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Indonesia records its 28-month trade surplus in Aug. 2022
Indonesia booked its 28th consecutive trade surplus of US$5.76 billion, Indonesia’s Central Statistics Agency (BPS) reported on Thursday, September 15, 2022. Indonesia’s exports reached  ... Read More
16 Sep 2022
This Week's Headlines (10 - 16 Sep 2022)
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16 Sep 2022
Despite impact from Russia-Ukraine War, Indonesia F&B sector stands strong
The Russia-Ukraine war continues to be a threat to the global supply of grain as well as the global supply of oil. However, Indonesia’s F&B sector is unlikely to be affected much and is expected  ... Read More
14 Sep 2022
This Week's Headlines (3 - 9 Sep 2022)
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09 Sep 2022
Beauty and Personal Care Industry Continues to Shine in Indonesia’s Online Market
Indonesia’s beauty care industry carries great promise. The Indonesian Central Statistics Agency (BPS) states that cosmetics, which is included in the chemical, pharmaceutical, and traditional  ... Read More
07 Sep 2022
This Week's Headlines (27 Aug - 2 Sep 2022)
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02 Sep 2022
Government erases COVID-19 test requirement for domestic travel 
The Indonesian government has moved to abolish negative Antigen or RT-PCR COVID-19 test results for Indonesians and foreign citizens travelling domestically within the country.    ... Read More
29 Aug 2022
Government makes booster shot mandatory for travel, indoor public activities
The Indonesian government is making booster shots mandatory for domestic and international travel, as well as  ... Read More
13 Jul 2022
Lockdown level raised in Jakarta, booster shots to be made mandatory for travel
Indonesia’s capital city of Jakarta, as well as its greater areas of Bogor, Tangerang, Bekasi and Depok, alongside the touristic island of Bali, would see its lockdown level, locally known as PPKM  ... Read More
06 Jul 2022
Government walks back on lockdown decision, puts capital back at level 1
The Indonesian government has reversed its decision to increase the lockdown level, locally known as PPKM, of the country’s capital city of Jakarta,  ... Read More
06 Jul 2022